GAT - 5mm (1/4") Double Sided Tape

GAT - 5mm (1/4") Double Sided Tape

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GAT = Good Ass Tape. There's a story to this, I swear. But later.

Zipper pockets? Overlays? Seam allowances? Straps? Strap connectors?

Double sided tape is a lifesaver when you are making bags. If you haven't used it yet, it will change your life. However, some tape is too thick, or too sticky, or not sticky enough. This clear permanent tape is the perfect width to stay out of your seam allowances yet still have good enough hold for heavy materials. Bonus, no scissors necessary... just tear with your fingers! 

Roll is 5mm wide x 50m long (approx 1/4" x 54.6')

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