Terms and Conditions

Turnaround Time

Turnaround times are updated at the top of the website regularly. Shipping updates are also shared via Facebook, so you are strongly encouraged to follow us at Facebook.com/weftandwarpco or join our Facebook group to stay in the loop. If your expected TAT has passed and you have not received a shipping confirmation, please check your spam folder and contact us via the bottom corner chat for further assistance.

Returns & Exchanges

We do not offer returns or exchanges on any of the items we sell. If you have a quality concern, please send us a message on the bottom right chat of the site with photos within 5 days of receiving the package. All issues will be handled on a case by case basis. In the event that a courtesy is extended to the customer by performing any kind of refund, a 10% processing fee will be retained by W+W Co. to cover transactional fees and other losses. 


We use multiple shipping services to provide our customers with the best option that works for them. If you would like additional insurance, please leave a comment in the notes and we will invoice you separately for that charge. If there is a shipping courier you do NOT want used, please leave us a note!

Due to the nature of Shopify's system, shipping costs can be wildly inaccurate at the time of checkout. As we sell a wide variety of products that require different packaging, it is hard to pick one default shipping package. Shopify does not allow for shipping to be calculated dimensionally, which is how all the carriers calculate costs. We apologize for the inconvenience but assure you that we will refund anything over $2 that was overpaid in shipping.

Likewise, we hope you understand that we will also invoice you for any additional shipping costs above what you already paid (when the difference is over $2). If this invoice is not paid within 5 days, your original order amount will be refunded to you minus 10% processing fee and your order cancelled and restocked. 

Orders are packaged to minimize any potential damage incurred during transportation to the best of our ability. Once packages have been labeled and are in the possession of the carrier, we can no longer be held accountable for what happens beyond that point.

We will make every effort to help you locate the missing package, file a claim with the carrier, etc. In return, we ask for communication so that we can help you get this resolved in a timely manner. 

Combined Shipping

At this time, we are not offering combined shipping during normal operations. This may be different during specific retail events, which will be communicated at the top of the website. In the event that orders are combined voluntarily by Weft + Warp Co., there will be a $2 handling fee for each additional order with the remaining balance over $2 refunded to you. 

Potential Allergens

All products are packaged in a non-smoking, pet-friendly environment. While all attempts have been made to keep the felines away, cat owners will understand that cat hair appears from nowhere yet everywhere at the same time. 


All products are measured in imperial units unless otherwise mentioned in metric units. Please expect a variance of +/- 0.5 inches.