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Self-Adhesive Boundless by RESIST™️ - 1” binding

Self-Adhesive Boundless by RESIST™️ - 1” binding

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Please note these are NOT the same as the BOUND/WRO colors as they are a different, sleeker material. 10 yard rolls of BOUND offered in a self-adhesive version! 

Who here hates binding? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ Who here likes saving money?

NOTE: This binding is NOT meant to replace stitches. The adhesive is meant to help keep the binding in place while you stitch, and is repositionable. None of our testers experienced their needles gumming up.

Bias tape has never been my friend, no matter how many ways I try to sew it on. Making it was never an option because I definitely don’t have the patience for that, and store bought just felt… like crappy polyester (cuz it is). I even tried foldover elastic which just ended up looking like a mess after I seam ripped it a dozen times.

Enter Lauren Mormino, who has changed my life in more than one way, but especially with this trick. She shared that she used strips of waterproof canvas as binding. I can manage that, I thought. No sewing together triangles, no ironing, and only one fold to deal with! Game changer. But I hated maneuvering around a yard of WPC to cut into small strips that I’d have to cobble together on the bag. 

So now I’m here to pass the baton but with a few twists.
1) I changed to a different water-resistant base (Slick) that is easily manipulated around curves (more than WRO).
2) I’m going to provide it to you precut into 10 yards, wrapped neatly around a roll.  
3) I slapped some adhesive on the back so you can forego the double sided tape to keep it in place! (See, that's how much I love you. I am cannabalizing my own products by offering this!)


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