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CLOSEOUT! Holo Leopard TPU Vinyl

CLOSEOUT! Holo Leopard TPU Vinyl

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What the heck is TPU and why is it different from PVC clear vinyl?

PVC tends to be more rigid and less flexible than TPU, making it harder to get clean curves and sharp corners (without cracking). PVC also has less elasticity, and while you can somewhat manipulate it with heat, it will not bounce back to its former quality once cooled. It is also more likely to harden and crack over time and is sensitive to colder temperatures.
TPU is more environmentally friendly. As PVC degrades, it can release harmful gases into the air. It is much more abrasion resistant than PVC and is recyclable.
There is a markup involved in this product because it costs more to produce, source, and sell. Broadly speaking, TPU costs 2x the amount of PVC. When you’re window shopping elsewhere, if the description doesn’t say it’s TPU, it’s not. I promise that any shop owner worth their salt will be more than happy to tell you that their product is TPU.

0.5mm thick, domestic friendly. 18"x52" and ships rolled with a nonwoven protective layer. Do not store in extreme temperatures as it may compromise the structure of the material. 

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