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A Single Stiletto

A Single Stiletto

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Don't sew your finger... Blood will ruin your project! 😜 This is not a fancy stiletto. It doesn't have a seam ripper on the end. It doesn't have a marbleized acrylic or a wooden handle. I didn't even get the red handle customized. 

This is just a standard, as-basic-as-they-come stiletto to help guide your fabric towards the needle. The bottom third is a fine grit (220) file that will grip your material and not slide around. 

I ordered these specifically because of my favorite stiletto that I talk about all the time in my lives. While I have nicer (read "more expensive") ones, my absolute favorite one is the one I got with my rotary leather hole punch on Amazon! 

You may also recall that I can never find it when I need it... But at this price? I can get a bunch and leave them all over the place! 😂

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