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Night Blooms Lotus - RESIST™️ WRO

Night Blooms Lotus - RESIST™️ WRO

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It’s everything you love about our WRO (water resistant oxford) but PRINTED! 🥳 It’s the same exact product with printed designs. 

Made of 600D polyester and permeated with a water resistant solution, not coated with a layer that can be seen like Ottertex. Much lighter in weight but still structured enough to be used without interfacing, plus it is super easy to turn out compared to its competitors. You can apply heat with caution, but use a pressing cloth and only apply heat to the wrong side. 

It can fray, but not like typical woven materials. Due to the synthetic materials, you can singe the edges to heat seal and prevent further fraying.

Note: this product is not called waterproof canvas because 1) I have not done adequate testing to back that up and I likely never will, and 2) to differentiate it from typical cotton canvas for those new to this kind of product. 

Sold by the yard x 52”. Each yard is precut so multiple quantities will not be continuous. Ships folded. 

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